Poetry and Writers Critique Groups

Join our Poetry Critique Group every Thursday night or our Writers Critique Group on Wednesdays. The night begins at 6:30 PM EST, 5:30 PM CST, and 3:30 PM PST and continues virtually on Zoom for two hours. Regardless of your skill level, our groups welcome you.

If you love to critique and discuss the craft of poetry – from narrative poems to lyric poetry to haikus and other unique forms – our poetry group can help you improve.

If you love narrative writing – from novels, to short stories, to memoirs to screen plays – you’ll find joining our writers to be a lot of fun and instructive too.

Contact me at jgiles0704@gmail.com for the Zoom links.

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  1. Jon, These groups don’t suit my needs. I am only open well enough to share my heart written pieces of the written word and not in what is spoken. I know you are very busy and can not overextend yourself in your work. I thought we had this understanding earlier. Enjoy your groups. I am inspired by you caring enough to contact me. I will review my studies to write well again. Carol

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  2. Hello Jon,
    Thank you for your persistence in notifying me. I am not available the day of your zoom readings on July 6th but, July 8th I am open for the activity. I have a life event story in mind and may get back into public reading again one day. My fears are mostly past me. I fear the underworld and have no tolerance for it by unreasonable circumstances. Best regard, Carol.

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