The moon is leaving too soon. 

A bell of a glistening bugle,

it swirls silvery notes

through half-closed blinds

across the early-morning room,

composing a refracted lyric

next to the antique mirror

and a picture of a child

playing near a river.

A solo reveille

to wake and hear.

She lies drowsy, 

emerging from the dream

she lives over and over,

dark red hair 

tucked against the cool pillow,

body molded in a white blanket,

like snow over a recent grave.

Motionless, but present,

she slowly focuses

settling on the shimmering script

flickering on the pale wall.

A message so brief

it will cease to exist: 

Wake up, sweet mourner.

Look beyond your bed.

Night is ending.

Night has ended.

Shed your grief.

Bury your dead.


An earlier version of Reveille was published by the Delta Poetry Review in its June 2019 issue.


Categories: Poetry, Selection: 2019

3 replies

  1. Jonathan!!

    I love both poems (though quite different) so very much. The first makes my heart ache. And the second, oh the second, makes me wonder if you’ve been reading my mind of late.

    Congratulations. Well done!



  2. Hi Jonathan,
    Thank you for this beautiful gift of words and thoughts and images all crafted into a well-dreamt poem.
    Julie Barshinger

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