2020 Update

Recently, I was asked if my website is relevant to the average visitor?

Why should anyone click on this site when we all have so much to do (and read) in our lives?

I would like to believe my site is relevant to the average reader.  Certainly you can tell me.

My goal is to highlight experiences and feelings we all have and provide a unique perspective on these shared events and emotions in such a way you find it refreshing and fun.

Reading expressions of joy, anger, sorrow, laughter – such feelings among so many we feel, or have felt – can be thrilling and, so too, perplexing. In fact, we often seek outside sources to find meaning behind these feelings, or to understand them, or even, to connect with these feelings again and share them with others as a way to communicate more fully and openly.

Poetry, in general, is exceptional at doing this.

Yet, rather than reading a compendium of poets, like in a kind of “best of” literature-based website, this site is the voice of one poet who actively writes and posts on these topics on a weekly basis – and who is looking for meaningful feedback – in order to establish a link between who he is and how he can relate to you.

The fun, I hope, in reading these posts, is to enjoy a novel approach, style, and tone in the writing, which you won’t get through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, let alone in an obscure online journal or literary magazine.

If you decide to follow along, my promise is to update the website once a week, to let you know where new posts can be found, and to continue to revise the site, itself, to make it easier to visit in your busy day.

Your thoughts and suggestions, of course, are welcomed, and if you subscribe to the site, you will be informed automatically of new postings no matter when the pieces were written.

Otherwise, write to me at jgiles0704@gmail.com and I will put you on an email list to be notified of new posts, publications, and poetry (myself and others) that I find relevant to living a full and fulfilled life.


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  1. Jonathan, I followed your link to this page and look forward to reading your musings. It may take awhile since I have wet AMD in both eyes, and have to enlarge the print which I assume that I will be able to do on my iPad Pro. Jon Gardner

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