My Family Story


I. Someone from Somerset, or a group of them, beat him for embezzling their money. That’s what my older brother, Charley,   told me. But Mother, back then, said he was robbed in an alley and came away with a broken arm… Read More ›

The Best Year Ever

It was the best year ever. This was before my colossal bet with my older brother Charley. Before everything started unraveling. Still, it wasn’t as if our bet had anything to do with what occurred subsequently. Rather, as a result… Read More ›


The small plane was above us, loud and sputtering. We kids, Holly, Charley, Allison and I, heard it immediately upon getting off the school bus. We raced across the highway and ran down our lane to the house. Something was… Read More ›

Mean Old Willie

No, I wasn’t the bumbler in the family. Even though Mother said I was – I wasn’t. We all knew, actually, who was the bumbler in our family. On our farm, deep in the heart of the Allegheny Mountains, Daddy… Read More ›

The Box

It’s a rainy day and we are dressing and undressing Barbies in Allison’s room. I am seven or eight and am sitting at the foot of Allison’s bed. Allison is nine or ten and is happy I am with her…. Read More ›


My brother was mean.  If I was willing to play baseball or football, Charley could be a wonderful older brother.  The two of us would ride our bikes for miles to other farms in the area for pick-up games, and,… Read More ›