Selection: 2019


The moon is leaving too soon.  A bell of a glistening bugle, it swirls silvery notes through half-closed blinds across the early-morning room, composing a refracted lyric next to the antique mirror and a picture of a child playing near… Read More ›

Son and Moon

Ghost in the afternoon, the moon dangles,  a pocked trophy my boy pretends to drive.  He dreams of monster trucks  and something cool to blow up come Fourth of July.   At light, the moon snatches at wild grass, lost… Read More ›

At the Feeder

The cardinal watches me through the kitchen window,  reddish-brown breast,  orange tuft and beak,  hooded-eyes fathoms deep.   She stares into the glass,  begging answers to my question: Where, sweet bird, is your  handsome life-mate  of last summer?   Now,… Read More ›