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These poems, recently posted, can be found in the following directories: I Dream a Storm – Posted 9/25/20 – 2018 Directory; Winter Hours – Posted 9/11/20 – 2018 Directory; The Spider’s Widow – Posted 8/21/20 – Early years Directory; Winter… Read More ›

I Dream a Storm

The rain pounces in violent waves, stripping trees  and bursting streams with a torrent of pine and clay.  Venomous snakes thrive, slithering across  the crumbling sky. Ahead of us, sparkling crack-offs  contort in a demented dance of electric shocks  on the… Read More ›


We met in a rupture of this world, missing pieces to cross the void. What kept us from heights so imagined? Why swim in a swamp so contagious?   I’ve been deceived. It’s true, this loss. But I know now … Read More ›


Hobbled. Mentally and physically! This is how I diagnose my situation, my crisis of the moment. I am in my ratty underwear early on a Sunday morning, half-lying over the kitchen counter and half-sitting on one of the counter stools…. Read More ›

Boston Marathon

You have got to be kidding me!  I am at mile eighteen of the Boston Marathon and the foothills that began around mile sixteen are turning into the Himalayas. It has been raining throughout the race, but now, suddenly, here… Read More ›


I know no rivers, no forests, no fields. I know pavement and concrete — and how hard fulfillment feels on my feet, my back, the sun, the heat as temperatures rise. I know the relentless wind, drenching rain, and numbing… Read More ›

My Wife Can’t Sleep

Late at night I listen – to my wife moving around in our kitchen, floor boards groaning, pans burning, mixer mixing.   Or the sound of the TV, my wife watching another Nazi documentary.   My wife empathizes with the holocaust victims,… Read More ›