We met in a rupture of this world,

missing pieces to cross the void.

What kept us from heights so imagined?

Why swim in a swamp so contagious?


I’ve been deceived.

It’s true, this loss.

But I know now 

what it is.

I don’t believe.

That’s the response

I don’t know how

to live with.


I spend my evenings angry 

and my weekdays hung over.  

Is this a self-fulfilled life

or a sad rite to closure?


I helped you 

realize your dreams,

but it seems,

I can’t find mine–

I can’t define the why

to fight through.


You walk on water,

so I said to you after

we met for coffee.

You’re a siren singing in my head,

that’s what I told you

when I poured two cups of tea,

before I spilled yours all over me.


I thought it through:

I don’t know how to believe

in dreams

that don’t involve you.


I see you at night

in the shimmering light

of the room.

but too soon, oh, so soon–

you are a shifting sight,

a black crow in flight,

frolicking in the light

of the silvery moon.


I am a spur

of your energy,

a silk cocoon soon–

emptied and subsumed.

Why do you fly from me?

Come back.

The carcass remains

lying in its grave.

It’s time to wake up

and be exhumed.


I dream:

We are both crows at night.

We spare the sparrows

pecking at our windows.

We scare the shadows

of wolverines fighting below us.


I dream:

We are invisible under our covers.

When we lie in bed together,

we feel the warmth of each other.

We caress like imagined lovers

yet wolverines lie dead between us.


I remember:

You spoke up–

Please, please turn on the light.


I remember:

I choked up–

Wait, wait, something’s not right.


Look, the room: so beautiful.

Look, the moon: so bright, so full


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