Selection: 2018

Southern Snow Storm

My neighbors trudge out of their homes, like gnomes,  after a two-day storm so unnatural for the South, wearing worn  garments from deep in their closets—knit caps, scratchy   coats, and old ski gloves—surveying their roofs and pines  to determine the… Read More ›

Winter Hours

Nudging your shoulder reaching for the clock. I had a bad dream. Hon, it’s cold, go back to sleep. Picking up the newspaper near our ice-covered mailbox—headlines soaked, pages frozen, obituaries lost to the late-night storm—our driveway smothered in a… Read More ›

I Dream a Storm

The rain pounces in violent waves, stripping trees  and bursting streams with a torrent of pine and clay.  Venomous snakes thrive, slithering across  the crumbling sky. Ahead of us, sparkling crack-offs  contort in a demented dance of electric shocks  on the… Read More ›


I. Someone from Somerset, or a group of them, beat him for embezzling their money. That’s what my older brother, Charley,   told me. But Mother, back then, said he was robbed in an alley and came away with a broken arm… Read More ›

O Pioneers

She said I should wait for her call. I sat watching the phone, worried. She and I didn’t get along, that’s true.   When she rang, I knew where she was going as she proceeded to commend me for traveling… Read More ›