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Writings. Often within the intersection between fiction and non-fiction.

  • Lover

    She sticks out through the sores, Though the room is full of blisters. She seeps through the stench Of the pus-people, Removing the filth bandage, Reviving the gangrene limbs, Restoring two hundred pounds To a bed-ridden invalid.

  • Fishies

    I swim in her lips I swim along She swallows my movement She swallows my song  

  • The Bar/The Dance

    She wags her ass In front of his nose Like some bitch in heat Shimmering  Shimmering Until his wild eyes cloud And his nostrils flair  Swimming Swimming Until he lurches forward In his crude doggy paddle Humping straddle Humping straddle… Read More ›

  • Early Spring

    Window watching Whisper white snow Blowing — In whirls and twirls Onto a slick, wet road, Flowing — Mush, waiting, Dripping drops of slush Down a drain pipe grating.   Window watching Whisper white snow Flying — Through the tangled,… Read More ›

  • Inadequacy

    Why do I do the things I do? Like see- ing you and me pass through the sum- mer to- gether  as two. Risking jail to  send won- ders through the mail to you and flow- ers too. Calling up… Read More ›

  • The Attack

    He struck Like a machine gun Splattering the plates Across the floor.   She sits wounded At the table Of a bloody Battlefield.

  • Inadequacy Too

    I wish I knew why I  think you are so beau- tiful? I do. When I’m with you that pow- er you  attract me to in you, into me it flows, soo- thing, yet confu- sing me all through. As… Read More ›

  • Arguments

    There was a moment When I was three feet away When a buddy-check Would have saved the day

  • In the Spring

    I thought we were two through summer, though fall I felt your sting. I tried revival  all winter, but I couldn’t survive a thing, and just when I  thought blossoms arrived, the skies cried this spring.    

  • Living Poem

    I don’t live in the East I don’t live in the West I live in my head And it suits me best

  • Tired Old Black Lady

    Tired old black lady Walking down the street Moving kind of slow  On her tired old, long- Suffering black feet.   Tired old black lady Five children mother Black purse in one hand Tiny wife handkerchief In her other.  … Read More ›