Inadequacy Too

I wish

I knew

why I 

think you

are so



I do.

When I’m

with you

that pow-

er you 


me to

in you,


me it

flows, soo-

thing, yet


sing me

all through.

As to

your view

I hold

that view

the same

as you.

There are

time you 

turn me 


you and

times you

turn me

off too.  

I know 

it’s true.

Then how

could you

find no-

where to 


er to?

We have

a u-


for you 

and for

me to

build in,

have you

found noth-

ing to 


er you?

I would

love to 

be loved

by you.

God, I 

love you.

I do

love you.

Categories: Selection: Early Years

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