My Life is Falling Apart

My life is falling apart

And it’s your fault.

We need to get it together

Once and for all.

I know you.

You’re pushing me so I’ll


Punishing me emotionally.

Why are you –

Fighting me?


Why else –

Do you argue with me constantly,

Correcting me incessantly?

You’re strangling me


Choking me with your decisions.


I just need to breathe.

Why are you –

Killing me?


We must be smarter than this.

What would it mean to start over?

Our lives have splintered

Into jagged pieces

And shards of memories,

We don’t even recognize each other.

We’ve –

Got to discover what we had together.

Why won’t you –

Help me?


It’s so frustrating.

We’ve become separate individuals

Crumbling under the weight of our moments


We still have time to decide

Who we want to be together and


Some sort of miracle.

Why won’t you –

Believe me?


Categories: Poetry, Selection: 2010 - 2015

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