I Read You Were Lost

I read you were lost,

Sitting on my bed

Too drained

From my daughter’s



I couldn’t stop

Reading.  It will be


Before she’s back

In our lives.


On a tropical beach

Clouds streaming

Across a salt-filled sky.

You and a friend,

Smiling miles wide.


I see the unusual wave

Breaking the surf,

Overwhelming you both,

Catching you

By surprise.


It pulls you under,

Trapped in the

Churning salt water

And the embrace

Of a deadly riptide.


Carrying you swiftly,


To the surging current,

Racing alongside the

Pacific shoreline.


A surfer snares

Your friend,

Grasping her hand,


In the rolling tide.


You struggle

Through the swells,


To break the pull,

Time after time.


In the end, she

Thought you grasped

A rocky outcropping,

But no one knows

If you’re alive.


For me, a message

Read and re-read.

I pray you survive.

Later, lying in bed,

I know you die.


I never knew you,

Though I’m told we

Met in Costa Rica.

I don’t recall you

Walking by, I tried.


I read you were

Of Indian descent.

A student scholar

Who loved the

Adventurous life,


Just like my daughter,

Your lives are special.

These things can’t happen.

I think of my daughter

Smile miles wide.

Categories: Poetry, Selection: 2010 - 2015

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