I Drove Up Behind her

I drove up behind her and saw a cloud in her car,

Not smoke from a cigarette,

Or a malfunctioning air conditioner,

But a billowy white cloud

Hovering in the back of her suv.

I decided to follow her,

But I didn’t have to go far 

To see it grow cumulonimbus-like

And burst out for the world to see,

Towering above the traffic light,

Lightning up her car.


I drove up behind her and saw a piece of the sun,

Not a spot light flashing back at me,

Or an interior light from the ceiling,

But the brilliant sun,

Radiating out of her suv,

Taking a left when I went straight through. 

It had to be a nugget from the sun,

But where is this coming from?

And how can I get in on it too?


Has anyone grabbed the moon?


Categories: Poetry, Selection: 2010 - 2015

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