Mountain Meadow

Purple flowers blossoming in a

Mountain meadow; tiny, white flowers

Shaking off a long, harsh winter;

Hundreds of dark, yellow bees

Climbing pink, floral stems and each

Other – droning, drunk, and alive; the

Musky smell of Douglas fur and

Ponderosa pine in a sun-filled,

Glistening forest nearby; orange

Butterflies with vivid, black spikes

Filling the air, alighting on fragile, tea-

Scented blossoms; tiny, yellow

Moths, skittish, fluttering from

Flower to flower, flush in the

Excitement of their labor, alive;

White flowers with purple splashes

Enticing, attracting the next callers;

The silvery sound of a gushing

Stream and birds singing to each

Other; what is that, a couple wonders

Walking by, reveling in the art of a

Mountain meadow; I don’t know;

I am more the jaguar and not the

Mountain lion; I am more the

Bougainvillea and not these flowers;

But still, I am alive in the intoxicating

Smells, sounds, and colors of this

Meadow; I am alive, arms wide,

Head back, feeling the slight breath of a

Lingering winter and the golden

Touch of the Devine burning my eyes,

Invigorated in the intense splendor of

A new world coming alive.


Categories: Poetry, Selection: 2010 - 2015

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